ThinkPad 使用提示

如果你有 ThinkPad 笔记本,下面这是一些日常在用 ThinkPad 的事后要注意的几个事项,英文很简单,不翻译了。 🙂
A few usage tips for ThinkPad:

  1. Prevent flooding your ThinkPad

    Avoid holding a drink above your ThinkPad, or placing a filled cup near your machine as these are the frequent occasions where the ThinkPad got flooded.
    If by accident that liquid was pour onto your keyboard, the proper action as recommended by Lenovo was:

    1. do NOT move your ThinkPad position,
    2. unplug the power,
    3. put a paper tower on top of your keyboard, press it gently to soak the liquid which is still on the surface,
    4. let the machine ‘sit’ in its original position for about 10 minutes, and then pick it up. You may find a few ‘puddle’ of liquid on the desk which was guided by the catchers underneath your keyboard. These catchers are designed only for small quantity of liquid poured on top of the keyboard by accident.
  2. Protect your screen (LCD)
    1. Avoid using your ThinkPad to encase your pens, mobile phone, etc as you go between your desk and meeting room. Small and invisible holes will be formed when hard objects are pressed against the screen. Over a period of time, the tiny holes may bring the whole screen crashed down.
    2. Avoid lifting your ThinkPad by the edge of your LCD screen. The plastic frame of the screen is not designed to hold weight of the whole ThinkPad, it may be twisted and damage the screen if weight and pressure are kept applying to it incorrectly. Proper way to hold your ThinkPad is close up the screen cover before picking it up.
  3. Prevent your hard disk from crashing
    Avoid moving your ThinkPad when it is still running because the read-write head is not “parked” on safety zone and may crash with the disk surface. Always put it to stand-by (F4) or hibernate (F12), WAIT till the machine is inactive before you move it.


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