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WordPress 留言回复通知插件:Comment Reply Notification

English Introduction.

Comment Reply Notification 是个 WordPress 插件,它只能在 WordPress 2.7 或以上的版本下工作。它是对 WordPress 2.7 版本新增 Thread Comments 的功能的一个有意补充。


Comment Reply Notification 安装非常简单,上传激活即可,或者直接在 WordPress 后台安装。

安装之后可以到 WordPress 后台 => Setting => Comment Reply Notification 进行设置:

1. 回复设置

Comment Reply Notification 回复可以有 5 个设置需选项了,分别应对五种情况:

Comment Reply Notification 回复设置
Comment Reply Notification 回复设置

  1. 完全禁止,如果选择,这个插件基本没用,所以一般不选,如果选择这个,不如不装。
  2. 只有当日志的作者和博客的管理员回复的时候,才发邮件通知。
  3. 所有人回复都发邮件通知。
  4. 由留言者自己决定别人回复自己的留言,是否有邮件通知。这种情况下又分两种情况:
    1. 默认选中。
    2. 默认不选中。


Comment Reply Notification 留言者设置

如果你的主题中没有出现该选择框,请检查你主题的 comments.php 模板时候含有 comment_form action。

2. 邮件标题设置

Comment Reply Notification 邮件标题设置
Comment Reply Notification 邮件标题设置

Comment Reply Notification 可以让你设置发送邮件的标题了,其中还有两个关键字:[blogname] 代表博客名字,[postname] 代表日志名字。

3. 邮件内容设置

Comment Reply Notification 邮件内容设置
Comment Reply Notification 邮件内容设置

同样 Comment Reply Notification 也可以让你设置发送邮件的内容了,下面这些关键字可以使用:

  • [pc_author] — 被回复留言的作者名字
  • [pc_date] — 被回复留言的日期
  • [pc_content] — 被回复留言的内容
  • [cc_author] — 回复留言的作者名字
  • [cc_date] — 回复留言的日期
  • [cc_url] — 回复留言的链接
  • [cc_content] — 回复留言的内容
  • [commentlink] — 被回复留言的链接
  • [blogname] — 博客名字
  • [blogurl] — 博客地址
  • [postname] — 日志名字

4. 插件停止设置

Comment Reply Notification 最后一个比较人性化设置的地方是,停止使用插件的时候,可以选择删除插入的 options 表中的内容。

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      • 个人认为可以第一次在博客上评论的朋友发一封邮件表示欢迎或感谢之词,但是如果我在某个博客上发表了评论,而每次有人回复就发一封邮件通知我,我会觉得很烦,所以一般直接Spam,但是没有插件能够很好的判断“第一次”在博客上留言的网友,所以实现这个功能很困难,不知道水煮鱼能不能开发一个这样的插件,给第一次在博客上评论的网友发一封邮件,内容可以自定义。

        • 恩,这个只有回复你的留言才会给你发邮件,不是回复的,不会给你发邮件。你说第一次留言发邮件,倒是很简单,只有通过SQL到 comments 数据表搜索下就行了!

      • 有一个插件做过,但是并不成功

  1. 其实我不喜欢邮件提醒回复通知,如果插件能在后台提醒有新的回复更好.

  2. 问问楼主,我刚用了wordpress2.6.3, 但是我发现有2个问题:
    1. 没有一个好的image insert,要么是单个图片插入到post,要么是用gallery插入到post,但是好像要把所有的gallery里的图插入,能不能选择我想要的图批量插入呢?

    2. 在post编辑器里,没有table? 没有table很不方便啊, 虽然可以用html代码直接加table但是不方便;我还找了个table插件,非常难用。 有没有好的办法呢?


  3. 这个插件有没有提交到wp官网呢?

  4. It would be great if you could substitute the words “..someone has responded..” with the actual name of the commenter. That way you do not have to visit the blog to see who made the comment. It’s kind of counter defeating to use the plugin without this feature. :smile:

  5. I too would like to request that the screen name of the poster be included in the email notification. I think it’s really an important function for the plug-in. Thank you very much for the work your doing!

    Traci D. :smile:

  6. hello,

    i have a problem,
    the notify me message doesn’t display in the right place.

    it shows like this:

    Logged in as SuperMAG. Log out »

    Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail




    i want to notify message to show before submit, what i do to change that.

  7. its like this:

    <form action=”/wp-comments-post.php” method=”post” id=”commentform”>

    Logged in as <a href=”/wp-admin/profile.php”>. <a href=”” title=”Log out of this account”>Log out »

    Name <input type=”text” name=”author” id=”author” value=”” size=”22″ tabindex=”1″ />

    Mail (will not be published) <input type=”text” name=”email” id=”email” value=”” size=”22″ tabindex=”2″ />

    Website<input type=”text” name=”url” id=”url” value=”” size=”22″ tabindex=”3″ />

    <!–XHTML: You can use these tags: –>

    ID); ?>


    i also installed si capcha which places captcha where the

    ID); ?>

    is, so i moved that up.

    but is there any way i make this subscribtion line below form without moving that line down.

    i mean i cant have capcha down the form.

    thanks alot for the plugin.

  8. i have a suggestion for my problem,

    insted of automatically posting the notification message in the form area, make for the user an option like

    to be placed by user in anyplace he wants. that will solve alot of people problems.


    oh and i have another problem, i have a space between checkbox and the notification message, how can i fix that.

    here is the picture:

  9. I am having trouble getting this plug-in to work – I installed and configured it, but no emails are sent. Is there another setting I should be checking on?

    FYI: I have tried both settings to send an email when “anyone replies” and when “commenter chooses to do so (unchecked by default)”. No luck in either case.

    Thank you for any assistance –


  10. Great idea, this plugin. It is very much needed. I have two or three problems.

    The text on the comments form (“Notify me of …”) does not localize.

    The last two of five options in the first Options group causes the standard theme (Kubrick) to display the checkbox and the notify me-message twice.

    Finally, the notification message is not localized when the plugin is activated, even if the rest of the plugin is localized. It is necessary to reset the options in order to localize Subject of notification email and the content.

    It is a plugin with very great potential, so I hope you will take a look at this! Thank you very much.

      • Hi,
        thank you for replying. The mail function works because when I set it to “anyone replies” it does work fine.
        It is only lwhen I set i to “author and admin” only that it does not work. I get all other notifications from wordpress without a problem.

  11. Hey Brother
    Is it work for any visitor ? Since i tried to logged out as guest and reply message with email, but seems no email notification to my mail box, any trick or instruction that i can follow, many thanks.

  12. i seems have the same problem on using this, since my theme seems doesn’t support the [ reply ] and threaded comments, and every comments with email will only send to the admin author, how come ? Can i update my theme ? or any source to fix this problem, many thanks.

  13. 我的wordpress是装在iis上的,看了评论,需要自己的sever支持mail功能,这个东西怎么弄阿? 谢谢

  14. Hi,

    Since only level 1 nested comments were being emailed, I added the following recursive call after (if empty($pc)) clause:

    $this->mailer($id, $pc->comment_parent, $comment_post_id);

    This allows following comment parents to be notified :D

    It’s not the best way but solves the problem, let me know if you include this officially on your plugin! :mrgreen:

  15. 请问这个是不是只对嵌套方式回复的评论有效?

  16. 很不错的插件,用上了,感谢雪山飞猪。


  17. Has this plugin been tested on 2.8 and above? I installed it, tried posted comments without logging in and using other email addresses, and then logged in to my wordpress to reply the comments, but received no Comment Reply Notification.

    Any ideas please?

  18. 我用的主题不显示那个留言者自己选择是否邮件通知的框。

    我想知道”检查你主题的 comments.php 模板时候含有 comment_form action” 这个要怎么做,没有的话要在哪个位置,添加什么代码?

  19. 如果你的主题中没有出现该选择框,请检查你主题的 comments.php 模板时候含有 comment_form action。

    我的主题不支持这个,请问怎么添加呢?添加代码在什么字段后面? :cry:

  20. 我在的服务器把MAIL函数禁掉了,但是装上Configure-smtp后测试可以发出邮件了,但是不知道为什么回复留言还是无法收到邮件,难道说这个插件只支持MAIL函数的发送?

  21. 是否是windows主机就不能使用发信功能?


  22. Hello there! this is a very good plugin and i have used it on my blog where threaded reply functionality was enabled. Howoever, me and as i can see many other on this page want to enable it for sites without threaded reply functionality.

    In other words, when someone replies, all people who previously commented should get a notification.

    Can this be done?

    Thanks :smile:

  23. 发现新的BUG,WordPress 2.9.x 中管理员直接在后台回复评论时,不能发送邮件通知,只有在文章中进行回复才能正常发送..

  24. 我完全按照指示安装,那个打勾的用邮件回复的框框也有显示,但就是不起作用。测试了好多次了。不知道是主题不兼容,还是需要设置其他的?

  25. 邮件标题中文长度是否有限制?

    我的WordPress版本为2.9.2,Comment Reply Notification版本为1.3,GODADDY空间






    Your comment at 吃饱了撑着 has a new reply

  26. 必须用内嵌回复吗。如果不用的话如何实现回复呢,我装了后没有出现回复的那个选项 :arrow:

  27. 博主好,您开发的Comment Reply Notification插件很好,不过貌似和最新版本的wordpress3.0.1不兼容。

    • 在post提交comment数据时,是没有字段comment_parent_id,但是有 comment_parent,我提交的是 comment_parent 而不是 comment_parent_id

      插件没有问题,我在 3.01 也测试过!

  28. 问个笨笨地问题,Windows主机可以用吗?

  29. 报告BUG

    $mail_headers = “$from\nContent-Type: text/html; charset=” . get_option(‘blog_charset’) . “\n”;
    里的$from\n去掉以后,就可以发送了。不知道是不是某些SMTP服务器不支持这个From: 指令。


  30. Hi everyone,

    Being not able to read all the comments in chinese, maybe this has already been resolved.

    I have spent a bit of time adding a feature to this plug-in : the e-mail can now (in my version) be sent when one (an admin or author) replies to a comment from the dashboard, which was not previously the case.

    Would you be interrested by the few lines of code I added ? if yes, you can send me an e-mail so that I can send it to you, to include it in a new release.

    Thanks for the plugin,


  31. 我想问一句,这个插件不需要配置一下发送邮件的email吗???如果访客A的留言被访客B回复了,请问由哪一个邮箱给访客A发送邮件告诉他访客B已经回复了他的留言呢???这个发送邮件的email等等信息在哪里填写呀??? :shock:

  32. 装上了 试用 貌似无效嘛?!

      • 我想问一句,这个插件不需要配置一下发送邮件的email吗???如果访客A的留言被访客B回复了,请问由哪一个邮箱给访客A发送邮件告诉他访客B已经回复了他的留言呢???这个发送邮件的email等等信息在哪里填写呀??? :shock:

  33. 想问一下,会不会调用了两次wp_mail函数,一次用来通知blog管理员,一次用来发送给回复的人。根据smtp服务器的设置,不能间隔太短发送邮件,所以无法收到邮件?

  34. 我不希望通过comment_form action自动添加选项框(这涉及一个插件冲突,另外我也想调整它显示的位置。能否用通过修改主题,以PHP命令的方式调用这个选项框呢?

  35. 博主,你好,请问在邮件回复中可以显示留言的时间以及回复的时间么?(不是日期),应该如何修改代码呢?

  36. 这个插件,之前用得好好的。但是最近qq和foxmail邮箱接收不到通知(拦截记录和垃圾箱均无记录),gmail邮箱能正常接收,很是奇怪。